Friday, 22 July 2011

Ms Stylez - I Don't Fall - I Just Fly.

I am a Creator
I am a Thinker
I read for REAL knowledge
Styling - Designing
Achieving highest potential
Perfecting my master plan.
I have a Wife.. she's kinda hott, Lol
Taking over...
I want it ALL
Lets talk Business.

- I'm someone you should know; get to.
- A complex individual; w/ a carbon copy.
- I'm interested in the finer things in life; if you aren't we probably have nothing in common.
- I hate when people are self-proclaimed
- I think I can do most things that I try
- Let me make you over
- Let me upgrade you
- I'm on a world tour; pack a bag
- I love people
- I like my music loud and my windows tinted
- I wonder if i'll ever have a serious boyfriend?;
- In the meantime, Im in love with learning and my career
- Get lifted.
- Im a creator, I make the world go 'round
- You wont believe the life I've lived thus far, watch what else happens...
- Ask me anything, I love being interviewed =]
- There's so much to know, gotta find out...

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