Friday, 13 August 2010

My Camping Trip.

Soo.. I Went Camping Last Weekend With My Good Friend Emilyn.. & Surprisingly It Was Sooo Cool.. I Really Enjoyed Myself. Can't Wait To Do It Again!! Music.. Kush.. Wine.. Good Food.. Candles.. Hot Chocolate.. Fluffy Socks.. Toasting Marsh-mellows.. Running Through The Woods At Silly O-Clock.. LOL.. Telling Ghost Stories In The Middle Of No Where.. Crazy Ladybirds.. Doing Cartwheels.. Sprinklers Turning On In The Field!! Scary Ish! Was Nice To Have A Break For A Change.. They Even Had Electric.. Even Met A Really Cool Family From Scotland & Ended Up Going Out For A Drink & Staying An Extra Night.. They Were Hilarious.. We Only Went For One Night Just To See What It Was Like.. Loved It. We Went To Edmonton?.. Lea Valley. Next Time I Might Go Further Out Though.. All In The Middle Of The Wild & Shit.. Bring More People.. Have A Crazy Party.. =].. I Done Quite Alot Of Thinking Whilst I Was There Too.. Huhmm... Ooo I Wish I Was Still There.. Ah Well.. Back To Reality Now.. Peace! =]

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